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Reclaiming and revealing relevant Toronto culture, while redefining the city’s identity.

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Destination Toronto is working with the arts & culture community to collectively build and sustain the most robust, comprehensive arts, culture and entertainment events calendar in Toronto.

The Toronto Events Database (T.E.D) allows one access point for producers and organizations to input details for the events that in turn will be distributed not only on (NPTO), but also other digital channels and touchpoints including By leading this effort Destination Toronto is expanding its role in support of our community while also directly supporting the growth and development of an extremely important sector in our city that has been hit hard by the pandemic.

With the urgency for normalcy rising and a thirst for brand new experiences, while embracing nostalgia for the things we used to love doing in our city. The time is now to redefine the breadth of culture we’ve celebrated and continue to proudly champion.

Defining Toronto’s identity by celebrating, empowering, and uplifting our local talent, while demonstrating the city’s unique diversity across festivals, venues, galleries, museums, theaters, events and local programming. Supporting our communities through creative development opportunities with targeted funding/grants

Producing compelling storytelling and visually appealing editorial and documentation that taps into the soul of our city. Quality content that contributes to sustaining the most robust comprehensive arts, culture and entertainment events calendar in Toronto, by showing how trendy, relevant and exciting the true Torontonian experience is.