Bombay Sapphire

Stir Creativity

In 2021 Bombay Sapphire presents a series of installations with innovative creative explorers whose projects embrace the timely and necessary practices of self-care, introspection, mediation, and wonder.

Set to intentionally inspire diverse audiences indulge in self-expression, discover artistry, challenge their senses and provoke originality within themselves. A journey curated by Ashley McKenzie-Barnes and crafted by William Ukoh, Raquel Da Silva and Ben Z Cooper, examining feelings of nostalgia and connectivity to nature and community through the adaptation of sculpture, AR and multimedia landscapes, that incorporate unique elements of the Bombay Sapphire experience.

What has the pandemic taught us about our creativity, personal growth, and imagination? Our realities have been altered, as we’ve watched the world undergo dramatic shifts during restrictive lockdowns and reduced mobility. We’ve learned to embrace new ways of social engagement and how to re-imagine the joy of art and communication.

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Curated by Ashley McKenzie-Barnes
Video by Community Agency
Photography by Simkova Studios, Kyle Topping